A look at the top baseball cleats

New Balance
New Balance has been a company operating since the early 1900’s. It was only until the 1970’s when they started to develop a real skill towards designing and making shoes that became very popular amongst its customers. They have a dedicated working team behind the scenes that works tremendously hard to put the research in and find out what athletes look for in a pair of cleats and then try and design the boot that will prove successful to them.

New Balance offer one pair of molded cleats for baseball players that offer the traction needed on the field. The New Balance MB823 Adult Low TPU Molded Cleats cost around $69.99 which is cheaper than the metal spike cleats New Balance are offering at the moment. You get the choice of 3 colours, Black, Blue and Red to go with your team’s colours or just your preferred colour cleats.

Although New Balance’s other cleats are designed to enhance performance in speed and reflexes, these molded cleats don’t necessarily offer you the best in performance for these 2 areas of baseball.

Instead you’re getting a much more comfortable cleat that is designed for a snug fit and to support your feet when you most need it in baseball. The N-ergy technology that has been integrated in New Balance’s other cleats for added cushioning has also been implemented in the New Balance MB823 Adult Low TPU Molded Cleats. The N-Ergy feature in the cleats can be found in the midsole of the cleats that not only provide added cushioning, but also provide a source of shock absorption in the cleats.

Similarly to all New Balance baseball cleats, their shoes have also been designed to be lightweight as the mesh/synthetic design for the exterior of the cleats provides a lightweight material for the cleats. You can see more lightweight baseball equipment from here: baseball-stuff.com/best-baseball-bats/.

Under armour
Under Armour have emerged in the past decade as one of the most popular brands in sport. It wasn’t until 2006 when Under Armour decided to dip into the footwear market and attempt to provide cleats for athletes to enhance their performance in sport. Under Armour Heater IV 5/8 ST Baseball Cleats are the latest baseball cleats that Under Armour currently offer to players of all levels and they are a very unique looking cleat compared to other brands in the baseball market.

Under Armour is an extremely popular brand in baseball for players as not only do they offer their cleats at a similar price to other brands, but for your money you’ve also got a wide range of choice in colour options as well as having numerous features with the cleats. Under Armour can also boast at being the official performance footwear supplier of MLB.

Normally you worry about whether the cleats will fit accordingly to the shape of your feet but Under Armour have intelligently implemented the patented 4D Foam footbed feature that conforms to your foot’s precise shape for a perfect fit.

The spikes have been closely worked on by Under Armour to provide an edge on their rival brands. The extra wide UA Fang Spikes have been constructed in a circular 6-3 configuration which is set to boost speed, power and torque. The cleats are made out of steel and provide a lot of traction for the baseball players. View the Easton XL1 Youth now.

At $89.99 they offer an extremely attractive pair of cleats that are made out of durable leather and have also been designed to allow necessary air into the boot with the air holes that prevent the feet from getting too hot inside the cleats.

The list of features for these cleats is endless and it’s easy to see why Under Armour has the honour of representing the MLB as the official performance footwear supplier.

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